Paul Rubner is a Colorado based photographer who concentrates on story telling through image creation rather than straight picture taking. Images can singly or as a series be evocative in some larger sense. The images on this site are intended to be representative of this approach.

The images are not really intended to be in the “stock” category, although those perusing them may find something that suits their projects and it is difficult to neatly place them into discrete categories – what one individual may think of in terms of a fine art print, another may see as an advertising image, an illustration, a project piece, or part of a collection of like or disparate images.

Most of the images have had post capture processing applied to them in the form of normal color balancing and mapping along with initial sharpening inherent in the RAW nature of the initial capture. For black and white images, care has been taken to insure a full tonal range. And for some, manipulation to achieve simplification and abstraction has been extensively applied.

The people that I work with and for are essential parts of my creative process. Useful pictorial content can be extracted from almost any situation so long as all are on the same wavelength. As for personal work, I can never fully predict what others will find useful or evocative, and the site visitor will therefore find a myriad of subjects, contexts, and styles on these pages.

If you find the outlined approach and images generally appealing, discussion of the particulars of subject matter, intended use, ideas to be projected, scope, time constraints, post processing considerations, cost, and other terms can be discussed and agreed upon. Interesting projects always command the most attention and flexibility is key consistent with professional standards and practice.

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