Vicki Jensen is a distinguished former clinical specialist nurse who is fascinated by color, texture, form, and shape.  She has been described by one instructor as having the best intuitive sense of color of anyone he has ever met.

Abstract images, flowers, and landscapes are her main interests, so she is not interested in assignment photography in any traditional sense.  To the extent that her concepts are appealing, they hold promise for decorative art, calendars, background images, and product applications.

The techniques employed by Vicki regarding her abstract images include subject, camera, and post processing manipulations.  Her passion for flora and fauna is more directed to detail through macro photography and the wonder of natural color and variety.

The images produced by Vicki are largely a function of serendipity and are therefore produced on an irregular basis as inspiration dictates.  Vicki is a people person and would be happy to discuss any of her images or techniques.

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